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ASYRA RISING. (you deserve a love as sure as the sun)

Updated: Jun 15, 2020

asyra is the image of an ideal.

she is free to be as you wish her to see,

but it is in your own sight where you find betrayal.

she is free to reject your desire

and assume the form of her highest truth.

so is she a trickster?

a temptress?

a terror?

why give her shape, name, or form?

she will only consume it.

there is not a single moment

where asyra made herself known to me.

perhaps she is a lucid memory of the future i had as a child.

perhaps she was in everything i could know

and everything i have yet to find.

for now,

i am here,

following and returning

to the possibilities of what that might mean.

yet it would be futile to wish for an answer.

with this,

i am sharing with you a love letter

i wrote to myself

that i hope to extend unto others.

its working titles are “asyra rising,”

“you deserve a love as sure as the sun,”

or “the embodied and reawakened divine feminine principle

as lived through the experience of a non-binary, trans-femme perspective

on self-making and world building,”

or “siri, how do i decolonize love?”

no matter the name,

the essence is the same.

this is simply a capture of what this exploration looks like in this moment.

i invite you into this audio-visual realm

of love, healing, remembrance, and warmth,

as the manifestation of the creative harmony i have cultivated for myself

in the midst of personal and collective trauma.

i thank you for taking the time and space to explore this with me.

i hope that this piece resonates for you in ways

that may bring you closer to yourself and those around you.


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