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Updated: Jun 18, 2020

ashé” comes from the african yoruba language as a word that embodies and transmutes power between the physical, spiritual, and nonliving realms. as the exhibition title, the participating artists become a testament to the revolutionary stories of survival, struggle, and reclamation found within the history and present of the african diaspora. the intent is to be present in the present moment, to be represented, and to share and no longer hide the gifts and talents within a community of students who represents 4.3% of the larger tufts community. 

jhona xaviera and perla mabel invites others to join in the creation and claiming of this space. activate the space by sharing your work, leaving an offering, using your voice, or moving your body. this is for you. all are welcome.

Featured Artists:

Perla Mabel

Todo Poderosa

Denzel Oduro

Shameless and Fearless

Jhona Xaviera


Camila Alexzandra

Where in the World is the Key to San Juan?

all photos courtesy of Rebecca Welch.

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